Thursday, July 10, 2008

Online sales

George and I just had a delightful conversation. It went something like this:

scene: Me, outside pulling swimsuits and towels off the clothesline. George, standing in the doorway, watching and playing with the door.

George: Bye, Mommy!

Me: George, if you lock me out, so help me, I'll sell you on Ebay!

George: click

The end.


Anonymous said...

love eBay..... will you be selling him at a "buy now price" or taking bids ? LOL Gotta love little boys! Big hugs, Sue and Butch

loonyhiker said...

I couldn't help giggling. Isn't it funny how your mommy antenna knew just what he was going to do? How long did it take for him to let you in? I think his ebay price would depend on that! lol

Stephani said...

BAHAHAHAH! I am so sorry to laugh at your obvious turmoil but the way you wrote it is just to funny. lol! lol! To good ... to good! ! ! !

scrapgeek said...

LOL - how much do you think you would get. I have to admit at times it is tempting :)