Tuesday, December 23, 2008


After a couple of minor skirmishes and sub-sequential time-outs, today has been better. I've also kept it busy. Yes, we always try to stick to a basic routine and I use our activity schedule every day, but.... when the weather has been nasty for weeks, the snow has turned to cold rain, the last round of sniffles is still hanging around, and the stores are filled with CRAZY people... there's just not much to do but get sick of each other!

However, empty days turn into scream-filled days, so today we've done a quick trip to the store for supplies, had two arts & crafts projects available, and a trip to the library is scheduled for this afternoon! Jason is inching his way down the freeway to us. (Literally inching - two hours ago he called when he left Portland, saying he'd call again from Salem, about 30 miles down the road. I haven't heard from him yet.) Hopefully we'll all be together for dinner tonight!

For now, I'll let the kids continue working on their cereal box wreaths and ornaments. I'm going to go make some hot cocoa!

cardboard & sticker wreaths


Beth said...

Crafts save us.
They were in school through today but it's been So busy and hectic that I plan crafts for almost every afternoon and evening!

Right now they are making snowflakes and there are bits of paper all over my house. But no one is fighting. Or hitting. Or screaming.

Tonight it's more perler beads. Tomorrow I have a sticker craft planned.

Oh, we got some fun science experiments as an early gift. Those are lots of fun!

Hope Jason gets to you soon!

scrapgeek said...

Ahh the joys! Have a great Christmas Meg :)

Anonymous said...

You must live near where we used to - just outside Corvallis. I still have friends there. I hope to read he got home without problem.

We left OR about 15 years ago, but while we were there one winter day gave 13 inches. It was the first time OSU ever closed because of snow.

Enough of my reminiscing.
Merry Christmas!

CC said...

Cool picture. I need to get some crafts or something going. I've got cabin fever big time.