Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Surviving Christmas Eve

Best Way To Make It Through Christmas Eve. EVER.

Making it through Xmas Eve

Simple instructions: Wrap children "burrito style" in blankets. Place on separate couches. Leave the room. (Just kidding on that last one, I promise!) Feel free to tickle mercilessly.

More crafts.


Preparations for family gatherings tomorrow.


Counting the hours until little ones are in bed and Santa can bring the loot (and assemble it).


Beth said...

Oh gees! That's what I've been doing wrong. Because our Christmas Eve has been, um, NOT fun! I'm about to cancel christmas! Now, I'll just wrap them up!

CC said...

So, I'm wondering... if I "secure" the burrito style wrap, will the authorities be notified??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the burrito application! (It's one of those 'sensory' techniques - excellent so long as the children like it.)

CC - close the curtains. hehe.