Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Emma's mind...

On Em's mind

Swimming tonight, lots of people there in the winter, a hard thing for a shy girl.
Missing her neighbor friend, there are bugs to find and no one to find them with.
Subtraction & multiplication.
Her boyfriend is moving in 20 days.
Her best friend is moving in 2 months.
Daddy is leaving for a year.
George screams when she gets bossy, and they both spend time in their rooms.

Sometimes life isn't fair.

But then...
Sometimes you get McDonald's twice in one week.
Maybe a friend from school will be at the pool tonight.
Math homework for the week is finished.
Playing tag in PE, totally the best part of school, EVER.
When the sun is shining, Mom relaxes the whole "wear a jacket" rule.

And life rolls along.

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