Wednesday, February 04, 2009


2009-01-31 065

I have, on several different occasions, mentioned George's "regular" preschool that he attends in the afternoons with "typical" kids. The teachers there are fabulous and the director bends over backward to make that school a successful learning (and social) environment for Geoge. We don't see her everyday; but when we do pass in the hallway, she always stops what she's doing, crouches down to George's level, initiates eye contact, and says "hello". Most times, with prompting, George will mumble-echo a "hello" back as he pushes on toward his classroom. When he's on his way somewhere and/or within a routine, it's VERY difficult to pull his attention elsewhere. Head down, feet on auto-pilot, he barrels on toward his goal.

Yesterday, as we entered the building, the director exited the lunchroom at the end of the hall, beyond his classroom. A hallway packed with parents waiting to pick up kids from the morning class or drop off George's classmates. Before I had even seen her, George spotted Lee (the director) and, at the top of his lungs, yelled, "HI LEE!!" The crowd of parents giggled and "awww'ed", Lee dashed over to George and knelt down to give him a hug, and I died.

The changes, they are coming.

As for my girl? She's entering a very mysterious phase.

2009-01-31 007

Today, I had a short discussion with her teacher, making sure that she and her boyfriend weren't causing any distractions in class with their "relationship".

And then I died.


Beth said...


Both episodes.

Both kids.

I'm at a loss for words. (and that don't happen often!)

Dave said...

Coolness all the way around.

Michael has been under a great deal of stress this week because he had a girl over for a play date. He got enough teasing from his friends for that; he made it worse by declaring to her that he was her boyfriend (reportedly she agreed). He has been a bundle of overstressed nerves ever since. I just hope he doesn't break her heart by trying to take it all back, which is what he wanted to do.

The mean streets of first grade.

CC said...

Woah. Both of them. Woah.

And love the picture big time.

My daughter recently became a "typical peer". So far we are all loving the preschool program. ;)

lonestar said...

Wow, making progress and growing up, both of them. What a sweet post.

Glynis said...

Beautiful photos and journaling as always, Meg. Fun to see how much they've both grown! (and a boyfriend...hmm :) )

Lori said...

YAY for George's sudden burst of HELLO! Progress! And I saw the hair cutting pictures. Way to go Mr. george!

As for the girl, well buckle in, it's gonna be a bumpy ride, LOL! Brings back memories of BK in first grade. Nuf said, LOL!