Thursday, February 26, 2009


2009-01-17 017

Ever been in one of those moments in life where everything seems SO HARD and SO MUCH? During rational moments, you can step back and see that, no, there's nothing so bad going on. Just a whole bunch of little things, minor stresses, decisions, phone calls to make, errands to run, stuff taking over the brain. But it's enough to keep you from sleeping and enough to make you cranky? Yeah, I'm there.

When life gets like this, the strange solution for me is to get busier. Not with those phone calls and errands, but with my kids. Because when I get cranky, I lose any semblance of patience I might otherwise have. And they pay the price with sarcasm, a raised voice, and snapped answers. None of which they deserve. So, when they come home from school, I make myself get off of this computer, find some new activities and crafts, and put our grungy clothes on so we can go for a walk in the rain. And I try to give extra hugs, to cushion the crankiness.

There are what feels like 5,000 little stories to tell here on this blog o'mine. But my brain filter is clogged. So here are the titles of a few of those blog entries, since I can't seem to focus long enough to write anything further:

My oldest child is turning eight, so that makes me: old.
Wii Fit: Is kicking my virtual behind.
I love the rain, but must it make mud for my 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 dog to track through my kitchen?
Discipline or discrimination? ...not ready to talk about this one yet.
A clean house would be lovely, going to bed early is lovelier.
Did I mention Emma's turning eight? Sigh.


loonyhiker said...

I love the way you fight crankiness with extra hugs and loving for your kids! I also fight depression by doing something nice for someone else. That makes me feel better about myself so I guess what you do makes you feel better inside too. It also is a great way to model great behavior for your children and they will remember these times when they get older.

Liz McCoy said...

Hey girlie I feel the same way> I have a list of blog entries on my wipe off board but just no patience right now to write them.

Question can you explain further (when you have time) on how the wii fit is kicking your butt? I'm interested is it a good work out??? Is it worth the $$???

Beth said...

Good advice.

I'm going to take it. I'm overwhelmed with what must be done. And it's making my head fuzzy.

Maybe it's avoidance. But I think some kid time will put it in perspective.

Mom said...

I am very proud of you. The road you walk is not easy but your family is worth it! Take care of yourself, as well.

Dad said...

MY oldest child is turning 39! -- so what does that make me??

Your doing a great job hanging in there. Just knowing where you are in the struggle is more than most people accomplish.

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