Monday, March 30, 2009

The last day of Spring Break

Amazingly, we had a sunny day, so we jumped into the van and dashed off to the coast.

Bonus: having Monday off at the end of Spring Break is unusual, so we were nearly the only ones on the road and at the beach!

Extra bonus: we got there during Low Tide!!

low tide

We followed bubbles and tracks to find sea creatures.

sea turtle tracks?

And found some!


cranky crab

And pretended to be... something.

jumping like a sea spider

He said he was a sea spider. Not sure what that is, but heck, the kids have been watching a lot of ocean life documentaries these days, so it's probably real! His version consisted of crouching down, scurrying across the sand while wiggling his fingers, and (of course) jumping into the little tidal streams!

I'm so glad we spent the last day of Spring Break this way! We've had lots of grumpy days due to dreary weather and too much time spent indoors. Several hours of fresh air, sandy fingers, and marine discoveries washed the blahs away!

(All photos taken with my cell phone camera. Bad me forgetting my brand new high speed fancy camera!)


loonyhiker said...

Wow!This looked so cool! I can't wait until we drive along the coast.

mommy~dearest said...

Very cool! Those are from you cell phone?!? I'm impressed.

Love the sea spider! :)

lonestar said...

Looks like a fun time! Our spring break is next week and I am soo looking forward to it :).

CC said...

So awesome!! I miss living close to the beach. It's about a 90 minute trip now and so we only go about once a year.