Saturday, March 07, 2009

Seuss Silliness

Thank you for allowing me to wallow a bit (or a lot) the other day. We're gearing up for the deployment and everyone's as ready as can be. And I had several good conversations last night with other parents about the various school issues I'm having, and now I'm feeling much more empowered to deal with them.

Speaking of last night!

2009-03-06 032

2009-03-06 035

2009-03-06 039

Emma's school hosts a Dr. Seuss carnival every year to kick off their Scholastic book fair, and every year it's a blast! Every classroom and the entire cafeteria and gymnasium are given over to crafts, games that earn you little prizes, book reading, and fun. It only lasts an hour, so it goes really fast, but the kids get pretty hyper during that time, so it's probably good that it ends when it does.

This morning, I have a pink haired, smudged cat faced little girl sitting here beside me. Counting the minutes until her party tomorrow (1727 left, in case you're curious). There are cupcakes to bake and goody bags to fill!

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Beth said...

You'll have to tell me more about the crafts and such that they do. We just had a winter fair and it was NOT fun. Just random running around the gym and I was thinking that some crafts and such would make it so much more fun for the kids.

My kids liked it for about 15 minutes but then got bored with just running around.