Monday, August 07, 2006

Quick Weekend Recap

I was going to write a long entry today, using a couple of blog prompts that I've missed over the last week. But, because I discovered THESE on my body today....I'm not. This will be quick. They are not disease-ridden, contagious, or (thankfully) on my body any longer. But I itch. Everywhere.

We had a full weekend and it went by oh-so-quickly!! Friday afternoon we had a 5 minute rainstorm that amazingly was enough to kill the humidity! It was still hot, and still is, but the humidity was down to 40% or so from the 95% we had been living in.

Saturday the kids were up early, but could, and did, play outdoors! YAY! Then we had our Food Bank deliveries to make and then raced home to eat lunch and send Emma and Jason off to DEONDRE's birthday party at the bowling alley. They didn't get home until dinner time, so we had a snack and raced off again to the Saturday Night Classic Car Cruise In. So much fun! Due to the break in the weather, that place was packed! Lots of cars we haven't seen previously, and lots of great photo ops!

Sunday we managed to sleep in a bit (tired from all that racing!), and then grabbed Gracie and went to our favorite park and hiking trails. (Have you guessed where I got those lovely chiggers?) Sunday afternoon, Emma and I headed off to Target, where we quickly spent $50 on school supplies. Yikes! But the best result of that is that Emma is now excited about Kindergarten again! Nothing like a little retail therapy to get a girl going! We BBQed Sunday evening and sent the kids to bed a tad early, so we could collapse on the couch. WHEW!!!

Today, Emma started her last session of swim lessons for the summer. I was happy to see that she was put with one of my favorite teachers, and by the end of the lesson she was doing things she hadn't done all summer!

Two weeks left of lessons, then two weeks off, then SCHOOL!!! Can I get a "YIPEE"? This mommy is ready for school to start!

Well, I'm off to slather myself in more hydrocortisone cream. Have a great evening!


Tink said...

Oh you poor thing. Hope you are feeling better soon.

glynis said...

Sounds like a busy, but wonderful (minus the chiggers) weekend and you got some great photos out of it! And this mommy sends one kid to 1st grade and one to preschool, so I'm having a bit of teary-eyed mixed feelings (but mostly 'Yippe')!! LOL

Stacey said...

wow sounds like it was a busy weekend! Sorry about the chiggers

Bethy said...

ooh, ooh, ooh!
I'm totally skeeved (is that a word?) for you!


I'm itchy just thinking about it!

Now, get that girl back in school so you have more time online! I miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Megs...

Sorry to hear about the chiggers - they look NASTY girl. But, the rest of the wknd sounds bang up good! I am always hard to recover from 'go go go' weekends like that, but they're the weekends my husband loves the most.

Bonnie said...

Shame Meg, hope it passes quickly. Enjoy your time when the kids start school again!