Monday, August 14, 2006

Week of Lists: Day One

I love that there is an amazing device that allows me to connect instantaneously with friends and family world-wide, keeping everyone up to date with our crazy life! (Even when I put it off updating until I have people complaining and threatening my life.)

I love it when we get out of the house and do something new, especially if it's outdoors. (Especially if there are no bugs there!)

I love watching my kids laugh and play and experience the world. (Even better when they're doing all those things together!)

I love when my husband lets me sleep in on a weekend morning and takes care of the kids for me. (I usually wake up close to normal time, but oh, it is so nice to grab a book and be lazy for an hour or so!)

I love that we will be living somewhere in the Pacific Northwest within the year!!! (I don't care where at this point, just get me to the right time zone!)

I love that I've found a creative outlet for my brain and a way to use the millions of photos I take every year. (Okay, maybe not millions, but thousands, definitely thousands!)

I love that I'm getting published again! (OOPS!! Did I let that slip??? Details to follow soon, I promise!)

I love to read. (Although I did read some pretty awful drivel this last week. One bound set of five novels by an author who felt the need to have her lead female in every story this....all the.....time.....because she emotion! Bleh!)

I love waking my kids up. (Well no. I love when they are sleeping, but when I have to wake them up I do love it. They are so soft and warm and cuddly!)

I love having a family that makes me laugh every single day. (This is Jason's specialty, it never fails. Love that!)


glynis said...

Great list, Meg! And yeah, you're moving back "home"? Or at least closer? That's wonderful!

Bonnie said...

Great list Meg! I love the one on letting DH take care of the kids on the weekend, my DH does that sometimes and also reading in bed and also waking my kids up for that same reason-they are so warm and sleepy and sometimes I just cuddle with them for a little bit first. I wish I had done a list like this-so much better!waaaah, wanna redo mine!!

Bethy said...

What a wonderful list! Especially the part about having a family that makes you laugh!

Michelle said...

I want to know where you come up with these things. You have the greatest things to read about. And a husband that makes you laugh? JASON??? Hard to believe. Fortunately for me, I'm married to equal!!! :-)

Tink said...

Waking the kids. What a great thing to add to your list. When Princess and Indy spend the night I love waking them up. starting with a kiss to the back of the neck.