Thursday, August 17, 2006

Week of Lists: Day Four

The last 10 things I did before bed last night?

1. Talked to mom on phone about book publication, did a little quiet screaming.
2. Did a last email/forums check.
3. Forced dog outside for potty break.
4. Locked all doors and turned off lights.
5. Laughed at fish trying to reach a fish flake that had stuck to tank above water line.
6. Let dog in and made her bed. (i.e. covered the couch with a blanket to reduce the mass of hair on said couch.)
7. Brushed teeth and other bathroom duties.
8. Read article in Popular Mechanics by Sen. John McCain refuting 9/11 conspiracy theories while involved in bathroom duties.
9. Changed into pjs.
10. Oh so gently nudged sleeping and snoring husband over a few inches so I could actually get into bed.


ArtcMom said...

You quietly scream when talking to your mom too???LOL! Great list with lots of humor!

Bonnie said...

I think Meg meant she was screaming cos of the STILL excitement at being published! LOL! Nudge a sleeping and snoring hubby to move over-yup, I do that too!

heather said...

Quiet screaming!! That is so awesome about your article and pages being published, really wonderful news Meg. btw, I was in the newsagent the other day and picked up a Digital scrapping mag to flick through and who should be in there but you! It was your profile picture (you holding your camera) You are famous over the world see?!!

glynis said...

Love this list of just 'everyday' things, but it made me smile!