Friday, October 17, 2008

And it's not even Halloween yet!

I volunteer in my daughter's class Monday through Thursday, during their reading/creative writing time. For the most part, I've come to love it. Those kids are scary smart, and yet still cute and cuddly when they want to be. But they are kids. And kids are honest. Brutally so.

Twice now I've had a child comment on how I have blue under my eyes. That's not some new blue eye shadow fashion statement going on here in Orygun, just simple dark circles. The kids are fascinated. Apparently my under-eye concealer isn't working so well!

I actually get a fair amount of sleep, I go to bed pretty early (although I do have a tendency to read for, uh, a while). The cat regularly sleeps beside me, but when Jason's gone, I have an additional visitor to the bed. Our 45 pound Australian Shepard sprawls out on my other side. Both animals sleep on top of the down comforter. Right up against me, one on each side. Guess how much I can move. Guess how insanely hot it gets under those covers! Guess how much sleep I get.

There are no pictures for this post, sorry. I have on 4 layers of concealer and I'm thinking even that may not be enough. Good thing I don't work in the classroom today, I might scare a few 7-year-olds!

Any make-up recommendations for someone with see-through skin and freckles?


Anitza said...

I dunno if this would work, but I always think in color wheel terms. So if you have blue under your eyes, go for something a little orange or yellow under your concealer to even it out.

scrapgeek said...

Argh! Sorry - I am make up challenged but I sympathise.