Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homemade Burglar Alarm

My friends and I talk about how we have a hard time sleeping when our husbands are gone, waking at every noise. Looking out my window at deer running down our steeply sloped gravel driveway, I see why I'm awake a lot.

But really, my friends and I agree that, should an univited visitor actually make it into our tightly locked houses, he would have a tough time.

There are the animals to contend with. In my case, a dog that would maybe growl a bit and then glue her nose to the visitor's shoes. And the cat....
Well no, the cat would just look irritated at being woken up, no real threat there.

This house is pretty old, it makes a lot of noise. So unless the visitor knew the exact hopskotch pattern that gets you through the hallway without squeaks and groaning wood, I'd hear him coming.

And then there is the ultimate burglar deterant in which my friends and I all seem to have invested.

Thomas tracks/mess
I dare anyone to get through my hallway at night without tripping/bleeding/stepping on a small, noise-making, smiling train.


Dave said...

That's effective, for sure. I submit, however, that for anyone in bare feet, Legos inflict more pain per cubic inch than any other plaything.

Troy Brown said...

Such simple burglar alarm system can be effective in its own way. I must agree that it can successfully trip or hurt anyone who would accidentally step on it. But you have to make sure it does not make any noise, or make it - at least - less visible.

-Troy Brown @ AlphaAlarm