Sunday, October 26, 2008

We were brave

We took George with us to the pumpkin patch, after all.


Bought our tickets for the horse-drawn hayride and some hot apple cider.


Enjoyed the ride out to the pumpkins, joking with others on the ride and identifying all the John Deere tractors.

IMG_8090 copy

Headed out to the pumpkins.

IMG_8092 copy

And then George and Daddy rapidly got back on the wagon to head back to the barn. Emma and I stayed out a while longer to choose the pumpkins, George had no interest in it and wasn't about to wait for us. (He wasn't about to let Daddy out of his sight, either.)


So, we dealt with screaming, but we divided and conquered, allowing Emma to do all the activities she wanted. She chose a big pumpkin, I chose a smaller, weird shaped one. She carried my pumpkin, I carried hers. She tried to feed an apple to a very disinterested donkey. She got us lost in a corn maze. She talked me into donuts for lunch as we left the farm's market.

Not the most successful day ever, and she probably would have liked us to leave George with a sitter. But this is the family we have, the brother she has. And little by little, he's learning how we do things and that he has to participate as best he can.

We'll see how pumpkin carving (and dealing with the guts!) goes tomorrow.


loonyhiker said...

It sounds like a great family day. I think you did the right thing by doing it all together. It sends the message of acceptance to both children - to sister (we accept him the way he is); and to him (we accept you for how you are). Both messages are messages of love.

Beth said...

"But this is the family we have"

This line hit me especially strong today. Because it's true of each of our families isn't it? And instead of trying to change either other, we need to love what we have.

Thanks for that thought today. I needed it.

scrapgeek said...

Go you guys!