Monday, October 13, 2008

Two weeks into October

So, I've discovered something. When Jason takes leave from work for two weeks I feel like there's nothing to share here. But of course, so much has been going on. Come see:

Looking through the tree

Stretching across a tree

autumn leaves

smiling sun flare

taking a break

walking together

looking at the river
Okay, so all those pictures were taken yesterday. But the rest of the past two weeks have been much the same. Lots of family time, outside enjoying the crisp air; lots of projects and renovations, getting the house ready for winter; lots of time away from the computer, being together. So maybe I forgot to pick up my camera most of the time. But I was busy, making memories with my family instead of just watching.
Jason goes back to work tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have camera in hand more often so I can keep him up to date with our activities. The next couple of weeks will bring field trips, Halloween preparations, and more projects. I'll share them here and go back a bit to fill in the gaps. (The kids survived their first evening with a non-family member babysitter! And Jason and I went OUT!) I hope everyone is enjoying the change of seasons as much as we have been!


Beth said...

that last picture of Emma is a stunner. Really gorgeous!

Rachel said...

I LOVED your first picture... what great creativity and a perfect shot!

The last one is so sweet!