Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What to do when the irregular holiday school schedule leaves kids bored, cranky, and less than darling? Give 'em beans!


Notice the important bits of this activity:

Equal amounts of each kind.
Equal tools to use.
Equal containers available (deviled egg carriers are GREAT craft helpers!)
In case you can't tell, I can't stress the whole equal idea enough.
Also, big baking sheet to help keep the beans off the floor (in theory).

Emma is very carefully measuring and counting. George started carefully, then transitioned to the "let's see how many beans I can get into each scoop" method.

And the house was quiet.

(Be sure to look closely enough to see the tear stains on George's cheek. Because just prior to this activity, I was the Worst Mommy Ever. I am now somewhere in between the Best Mommy Ever and the Kinda Fun At Times Mommy.)


Beth said...

Oh, I SO understand that equal part!! My kids will fight about the color of their paintbrush.

You should try perler beads. Emma would have a great time with the patterns and George would love just sorting them. It's one of our favorite crafts right now!

And that big cookie sheet would come in handy with them. I'm going to have to use that idea!

CC said...

Love the overemphasis on that key word!! :)