Monday, November 17, 2008

My life is so glamorous

You know what's fun?
Searching for and cleaning up dog *ahem* doo in the fall.
In an un-landscaped yard.
Under an apple tree.
"Doo" from a dog who likes to stroll as she, um, "does".
Because, though she can't see an adult human standing in front of her if there is also a ball within 10 feet, she can, apparently, multi-task as she does her business.

Bet you want to come visit now, huh?

Bet you're glad there aren't any pictures to go with this post, huh?

Only because the batteries are dead and I refuse to keep feeding my camera cheap batteries that it inhales and I forgot to get the lithium-titanium-platinum-gold plated rechargeable batteries at the store today.

Be grateful for small things, I say.

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