Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

The predicted, and traditional, Halloween rain came down early in the day, leaving the afternoon and evening gorgeous and even a bit warmer than we would have liked! It was a stroke of genius on the school district's part to give the kids the day off (parent/teacher conferences instead), so we were able to enjoy the day and relax; rather than the usual tightly scheduled and stressful lead-up to trick-or-treating.

My little cat and mouse were, quite simply, the cutest trick-or-treaters in Oregon. I'm sorry if you think yours were cuter, you're wrong. I mean really, look at them!

My favorite cat & mouse


That mouse costume is almost better from behind:
Itchy costume!
Though I think it may have been a bit uncomfortable, there was a lot of tail adjusting going on!

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Liz McCoy said...

oh yes I totally agree your trick or treaters were the CUTEST in all of OREGON!!!

And how cute is it to see a little mouse adjusting his tail :) hehehe