Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Morning to you!

When the kids were transitioning from crib to bed, we worried about whether they would be up at all hours, exploring the house. Luckily, neither one has ever done that. We never told them they couldn't get up, but both seemed to feel that they had to stay in bed until released. Only recently has Emma started getting up on her own on the weekends. And since she loves to have that time to herself (if she actually gets up before us, which is rare), she's incredibly quiet. George stays in his bed playing until we open the door, sometimes for an hour or more, if he's woken up extra early and I make him wait until I've showered and declared it late enough to emerge. But in the last couple of weeks, he's been less inclined to wait for us to come to him.

George's current way of letting me know he's ready to get up consists of one word, yelled repeatedly at a steadily increasing volume. So I thought I'd let you see him first thing this morning. His bed cracks me up as he insists on sleeping with his five foot long stuffed dog on top of him. Good thing our house is pretty cold, because that's got to get hot.

Turn your speakers up for the beginning, it starts quiet. (And I apologize for my loud voice right next to the microphone!)

You only heard one, quiet "MOMMY!", but trust me, that gets louder and can go on for a long time! And sorry for the lack of light, I didn't want to blind him; he has blackout curtains, so his room is VERY dark.

So that was a sampling of our morning. He calls, I come in. He prompts me with what he wants me to say: "Were you calling me?", I repeat the question so he can answer. Our "good mornings"; it's a new, HUGE step that he's taken recently in using the name of whomever he's talking to. A variety of gibberish from whatever video he was acting out before I came in. And then, today, the "CHEESE" in reaction to the camera. The school photographer had to work hard this year because every time George smiles for the camera these days, he throws his hands up to his face like he did here.

That's my silly guy! Hope you got a chuckle out of our morning!


Beth said...

Two things. I thought my kids were the only ones that didn't get out of bed without asking! The boy now has rules that he can get up if the little hand is on the 7 and the big hand is on the 12!

Then, as soon as the kids heard a kids voice they came running. After watching the video 3 times, Katie realized that George's big dog is her big dog, Holly. That she sleeps with. Some nights there is barely room for her!!

Fun video! Are you becoming a vlogger??

Anonymous said...

That's great! Thanks for sharing! :D

Emily & Jamison said...

WOW! Meg that is the cutest video EVER! What a cutie George is. That is a GRREAT video. And he is so happy to see his Mommy. That is priceless!

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog. You will never know how much it means to me! THANK YOU!

I hope you guys have a GRREAT Thanksgiving!