Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am needed

How do I know? This little bugger tells me so:

(Being the kind, wonderful people that you are, I KNOW you won't mention the horrendous mess surrounding the alien detector on my desk.)

I will post weekend memories tomorrow, but first an update for family and friends on Jason's surgery. It went well and he is currently laying in bed surrounded by, propped up with, and drooling all over every unused pillow we had in the house. He is on some STRONG drugs and firmly admonished by the doctor to USE THEM!! He'll be on bed rest for the first couple of days, until the end of the week when he'll be able to use an air cast to keep his ankle from moving.

I realized that I never explained here what surgery he was having. It's called Plantar fascia release, and basically is his body's way of saying, "Enough jumping out of perfectly good airplanes already!"

So anyway, I'll spare you a picture of my loopy husband. Just know, when the little red dots on the alien detector multiply, I'm hearing, "huuuuuunnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy!" (In the most pathetic, drug-addled voice EVER!)

(Anyone catch the signs reference? Jason is completely freaked out when the little red dots multiply!)


loonyhiker said...

I like the alien detector better than what my hubby used when he was incapacitated. My hubby badly sprained his ankle (dog jerked him off the back porch and I had to take a day off. He would yell from the bedroom and ring a bell for me. I thought I would stuff that bell in a certain part of his body before the day was over.

Magdalene said...

Ha Ha Ha! I love the 'alien detector' persona. And the Signs reference made me laugh so loudly that the girls looked over at me from the dvd they're watching. Oops!

Anyway, hope Jason is feeling better real soon. Tell him to take advantage of the 'drugs' while he has an excuse *wink*

Hope O.C. was fab, can't wait to hear about it.

glynis said...

I'm glad he's doing well...my dh just was diagnosed with the plantar fascitis (sp?) but they haven't said anything about surgery. He got his from playing church league basketball, not nearly as exciting as jumping out of planes!!! I'll be interested to see how this all works out for your guy!

Karen said...

Exactly right. It we were meant to jump out of airplanes we would have been born with wings!!

And congratulations on getting confirmation that you are needed Meg. If an alien detector tells you so then it must be true.

*love2scrap* said...

mess? what mess? it looks like my desk and my desk is a wonderful place to be! Here's to hoping your hubby survives his recovery period without your having to use the pillows on him!