Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekly Catch Up

Let's see if I can capture some of the highlights of last week.
Emma and I traveled to Ocean City, MD, to meet my good friend, Beth, and her daughter, Kate. Beth is a designer for DSP, and we've been friends for about a year. We finally found time to actually meet each other before I head back west. So yes, I spent a weekend, in a hotel, with a stranger that I met over the Internet!!! Egads!

She's really very nice, not a scary psychopathic killer at all. I lucked out.

And yes, we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. We now know everything there is to know!

Emma and Katie got along wonderfully, but by far the biggest highlight of the weekend was the Hot Dog car parked outside our window! We finally saw it drive away Monday morning. What do the people inside it do when they're not driving?

The weather was lousy, a huge storm showed up Sunday (we were there Saturday afternoon through Monday midday), so we spent many hours in the hotel. Luckily, we chose a hotel with an indoor pool, so the girls got lots of swimming time.

Yes, this is a picture of a bridge.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel, to be exact. And yes, I took this picture while driving across it. But you know, at twelve dollars each direction, I felt entitled to do so.

Long bridge+bad weather+large toll=cranky traveler!

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet one of my favorite virtual friends and to spend some special time with my daughter. Good deal!

We returned home Monday evening. Tuesday morning, Jason had his surgery. That has all gone well and he's healing much quicker than expected. Thursday was a big frightening, due to an allergic reaction he had to the pain medications. Luckily, he already had an appointment for that afternoon. There they realized that his foot wasn't swollen at all and he had virtually no pain, so there was no reason to continue with any pain medication anyway! He's now walking around quite easily on crutches and is BORED!

George started pre-school Wednesday morning. That day was VERY hard on me, I spent much of it crying. But, he did well, as expected. His teacher said he cried off and on for about an hour and a half, but recess distracted him and from then on he seemed to enjoy school. Thursday, I dropped him off at speech therapy and his teacher picked him up from there. This transition went much more smoothly and he had a great day!

All weekend he's been bringing me his backpack to put on. He seems to be excited to go back to school! We'll see how it goes tomorrow!

By the way, he has a new word: Dinosaur. He says it very clearly, "didosaur". What a change from this summer, when the only clear words were "juice" and "side" (for "outside/inside")!

Okay, I think I'm up to date. The weekend has been VERY boring, so absolutely nothing to report there. Tomorrow, we head to the store for the final bit of Thanksgiving shopping. I just pray we don't get trampled. Hope all of your weekends have been good ones!


glynis said...

How did I not make the connection that you were meeting Beth??!! Sounds like you had a great weekend...and I'm so glad both you and George are adjusting. I'm convinced it's harder on Mom than anybody!

Lani said...

shame about the weather on your weekend away - i cant believe they charge $12 each way on that bridge! i will never whine about sydney tolls again!lol

*love2scrap* said...

I wondered if this was the one and only dsp beth! Hot dog, it sounds like you guys had fun ;-)

So the baby monitor is no longer needed?

Dave said...

Twelve buck? You should get a floor show and a latte with that.

carinc said...

Sounds like lots of good new beginning this past week, with meeting Beth, your son starting school and a new word to boot! Plus you dh fixing his foot pain. Nothing but good things for you!
Love the hot dog pic!