Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More pictures

Okay, I know there are a ton in the post below, but I have two more cute ones for you!

Here is my little Captain Feathersword this morning!

He wore the hat all morning: eating breakfast, playing outside, taking Emma to school, going to the commissary (grocery store)! The little blue haired ladies that go early like I do got a kick out of him! Eventually, the chin strap drove him crazy and he took it off, but he carried it around a lot throughout the day.

Then, Emma came home with her school picture, and I had ordered a digital copy, so here it is:

She's entered the awkward smile stage, and the kindergarteners didn't get their pictures taken until 12:30 that day, so it's maybe not the best, but I still love it!

(And yes, there are plenty of copies for all family members!)

Can I just say here that I love living in the digital age? I sure don't get any complaints from far off family about not knowing what their grandchildren/niece & nephew/friends' kids look like!

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