Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Unusual Holiday Traditions

Well, I have successfully completed my personal holiday tradition. I have cleaned out the refrigerator. Now that's not to say that I only clean it out once a year, mind you! But really, before I start all the Thanksgiving cooking, I have to make room for left overs!

It isn't the most fun tradition and it's not one I feel compelled to scrapbook, but it brings its own level of satisfaction. It almost makes me want to go purge some closets and scrub out some cupboards. Almost.

Tomorrow, I'll bake two pies (store bought, sorry) and hard-boil a dozen or so eggs, in preparation for deviled eggs. AND, make the family and friends fan favorite, 24-hour salad. Fruit, marshmallows, and sugar. Is there anything better than that?

Two of our good friends, Mike & Teresa, will join us this year. They have been following us around the country ever since Mike joined the Army shortly after Jason and I married, and we're so excited to resume our tradition of sharing the Thanksgiving meal. One of my favorite aspects of being a military family is sharing Thanksgiving with other couples or singles that are far from home. It brings a level of thankfulness and community to the table that can easily be forgotten in hectic gatherings and preparation.

Tomorrow, life gets busy, so I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you are able to spend it with people who make you feel at home, no matter where you are.


Karen said...

Sounds like a dangerous tradition Meg. When you start to feel that urge to go ant clean out all your closets you should sit down with a nice cup of tea until it passes.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

glynis said...

You are absolutely right about military families just appreciating being together no matter where they are...have a wonderful, joyful Thanksgiving, Meg!

Tink said...

And a big thank you from a mom that had two boys in the military. I am so grateful that there are people like you out there who take in those men and women on Thanksgiving that are so far from home and loved ones. You're pretty special.

Beth Nixon said...

Lovely post Meg.
Enjoy your thanksgiving and thanks for reminding us what it's about!

Tracy said...

24 hour salad? Sounds interesting... how do you make it?