Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Thanksgiving Diary

6:00 am - The alarm rings. I roll over and go back to sleep.
6:15 am - I realize that I should get up RIGHT NOW if I want to enjoy a cup of coffee before the preparations begin.
6:50 am - We have begun! I'm chopping onions & celery and eying the naked turkey in my sink. Time to go diving for giblets.
7:20 am - Completely bite Jason's head off as I empty every kitchen drawer and cupboard, looking for the turkey lacers (to hold the stuffing in the turkey).
7: 39 am - Return from grocery store with new lacers to discover George at the breakfast table with his oatmeal and an obvious head cold. Excellent.
7:56 am - Stare at turkey quizzically, wondering why it doesn't look right.
7:57 am - Turn turkey right side up in roasting pan.
8:01 am - Close oven door and begin the first of many kitchen clean-ups.
11:10 am - Deviled eggs made (only one lost in the process) and potatoes peeled (only one lost in the process). Boys out driving to keep George distracted and Emma watching Sesame Street. Is it the calm before the storm?
12:45 pm - Turkey is out and looks wonderful. Four cups of drippings for gravy, and more still in the pan. Green bean casserole is in the oven. Everything is going way too smoothly. Still nervous.
4:00 pm - So. Stuffed. Can't. Breathe.
11:00 pm - We ate an excellent meal at 1:30. I finally had room for a small piece of pie at 10:30. Good day, good meal, wonderful friends and conversation. One of our favorite Thanksgivings ever. Time to go sleep off the mass amounts of food, good night all!


Beth Nixon said...

we have parallel lives I tell ya! Check out my blog! LOL

Dad said...

Doesn't seem fair .... you're 3 hours ahead of us and your turkey's done; ours is still in the oven! It's 12:30 here and you're probably already stuffed and watching the football game by now.
Enjoy! ...DAD

scrapgeek said...

Sounds busy but nice Meg! Happy Thanksgiving to you (even if we don't do it here)

Tink said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I spent most of mine on the road.

*love2scrap* said...

lol - thanks for the play by play! We ended up not eating until 5. and then cleaned until we went to bed. Not really, but I like your version better!

karen said...

Ahh yes. There's nothing quite like the sight of a naked Turkey. Glad you managed to overcome the difficulties of wandering eggs and vegetables and have a great day.

Karen Bowers said...

wow, 4 cups of drippings! that must have been one HUGE bird!