Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ok, say it with me:

Pumpkin is a vegetable. Therefore, having pumpkin pie for breakfast is actually healthier than my normal breakfast, as I don't usually include the vegetable food group so early in the morning.

The crust has flour in it, so part of the cereal & grains group.

Add in the whipped cream and you have dairy.

Coffee is made from beans and they count as a protein, right?

Man, am I off to a good start this morning, or what?!


Karen Bowers said...

scott and i were talking over the last few days. he'd like to live exclusively off of pumpkin pie.

and then we were being goofy writing haikus, too.

this is the ode i wrote for him.

Daily pumpkin pie
A nutritionary plan
My happy diet.

Tink said...

You've been watching Bill Cosby again haven't you? LOL.

scrapgeek said...

LOL - this is exactly how I rationalise eating leftover dessert (when there is any) for breakfast. Why does it always taste better the next day?