Monday, November 19, 2007

Readin', Writin', & 'Rithmatic

Ah Mondays. Full of things to do and not enough time to do them. Thought it was so great when I looked around the house just before Emma left for school and found this:

Georgie tucked into a corner, reading, and Emma sitting in the middle of the floor going over a poem she wrote. That's right, a poem she wrote. Love this kiddo of mine.

Did you know that they study negative numbers in first grade? I don't remember learning those until at least 6th grade or so! We are rapidly approaching the point where I will be unable to help her with her homework!!

Maybe she can help me work on the bills today. Might need some of those negative numbers.


Tink said...

Indy has the same houseshoes but his look more worn out than George's. LOL. The princess is already doing algebra in 3rd grade.

~*Tina*~ said...

Great pix Meg, love the one of Georgie!

Tate's teacher says they are doing math in 5th grade that she did in high school! eep!