Saturday, November 17, 2007

True Oregonians

Really, we aren't a bunch of red-necked hicks. Really. Ignore the camo gear, the old rusty car, the trailer, the fact that we're bar-b-quing in the rain. Please?

Actually, this is our favorite kind of weather. Drizzly, patches of sun, patches of storm, not too hot, but not too cold. Love it! And it's perfect for doing an all day pork roast.

Jason's dad and uncle brought up his old Buick (that he inherited from some wonderful family friends last year), and this morning was spent maneuvering the flat-bed trailer and figuring out how to get the car off of it. No need for details other than the fact that when the car actually rolled off, my mouth was gasping for air and I was peeking through my fingers. We came thiiiiiiiiiiis close to needing a new shed (and possibly new feet for Jason). But it's here, and Jason is happy. I have now lost my husband to car land.

The kids had a blast playing in the rain. George came in voluntarily, once he was soaked all the way through and his boots were sufficiently muddy. Emma didn't spend as much time outside, but heck, any six year old that would rather be doing math workbooks and playing a highly detailed game of dinosaurs vs. Transformers, is all right by me.
Oh, and this last photo is just to prove my oft-repeated point, my kids are crazy. Not that there's anything wrong with wearing your toddler swimming sunglasses while playing with holiday decorations.


Michelle said...

I drove by the Beverly's today and wondered what happened to the car. It's been such a fixture around here!!! Glad it (and Jason) have found one another!!! Sad for you though!

Pam said...

Well of course you need goggles when admiring snow globes. Didn't you know that?! Lol!
Such cute photos Meg!
LOVE the cat too, I'm so happy for Emma!