Sunday, April 13, 2008

All About Me

A series of challenges at DSP is helping with the mini-book Book of Me that I'm working on. All the pages are designed at 5 x 5", and I'm just doing little snippets of my life so the kids (and I) will remember all these random pieces of me down the road.

This week's page (challenge - favorite clothes, dare - include torn paper):
Next week's challenge is to do a layout about our favorite breakfast. My usual breakfast is probably Cheerios, but do I dare admit to one of my guilty pleasures (McDonald's Sausage Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and coffee)? If I do, I think I'll need to get a picture for the page, right?

Change of subject, unsolicited video recommendation: August Rush. Jason and I watched it last night and loved it! A totally implausible fairy tale, but so sweet and the music was incredible. I could have watched it for hours, just to listen to the developing soundtrack. Really excellent.

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