Friday, April 11, 2008

HUGE snake!!!


Okay, so maybe not so huge. But our mighty hunter found it, flipped it, killed it, and played with it for over an hour, not wanting anyone else to get near it. This is why we have a cat. I'm hoping he'll be good at catching the huge, fast-moving spiders that like to run through our house in the summer time.

Happy Spring!


loonyhiker said...

I love the title and photos! We come across a few snakes in our hiking and camping travels. But I don't have a cat to scare them away.

Stephani said...

Great action photos. lol! lol! I am glad that the huge snake was taken care of by the mighty hunter. He is so cute by the way! lol! lol! I need one to kill my spiders too!

Karen Bowers said...

what spectacular photos, meg! love how george is just giggling at having to flee the big snake!

scrapgeek said...

Great photos!! And I am very glad that I live somewhere that doesn't have snakes!