Friday, April 04, 2008

Bed Head

This photo cracks me up and when I was challenged to do a layout based on my morning routine, I just had to use it!

ETA: Just found out this layout was Layout of the Day at the DSP blog site yesterday!

Spring Break is over and we found plenty of time for roller skating, movie going, and a visit to an indoor playground. Emma seemed satisfied by all the fun!

Drugs are, thankfully, taking care of my cold-turned-sinus infection and Jason is due home tonight from a two week trip. Looks like everything is falling into place!


Tink said...

Awesome layout and I love the picture. Fortunately I don't have a problem with bed head. Hair's too straight. :)

Tink said...

What a way to end my weekend. Being tagged for a meme. So as to share the fun:

Tag! You're it. Instructions on my blog. :)

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