Friday, April 18, 2008

It wouldn't be so uncomfortable

...if her ears were just a bit smaller.

So completely pathetic, poor thing. Our Gracie had a tumor removed from her front right paw today and spent all day at the vet's office. Now home, she's exhausted, but scared of the collar. Every time she tries to put her head down and the plastic touches the ground, she jumps up.

I'm thinking it will be a long night.

We're having the tumor examined by the lab, so please think good thoughts. We took her in for this surgery thinking she had a seed or thorn that had burrowed under her skin, creating a large lump on her paw that was obviously causing her discomfort. The tumor was unexpected, but the vet didn't seem too worked up about it, saying it's not completely uncommon in older dogs. (Gracie turned 10 this week; Happy Birthday, Gracie, enjoy your pain pills!)

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Tink said...

Poor Gracie. Will keep her in my thoughts.