Friday, April 18, 2008

The Greatest Show On Earth

Emma's PE class has been doing "circus acts" for the last several weeks and last night there was an open house style circus at school. Any kid that wanted to could come be a part and all the parents sat across the gym and cheered wildly. I think David, the bestest PE teacher ever, expected about 20 kids to show up. Instead, there were at least 60! Totally chaotic, but so cute and fun. Here are some snapshots of Emma doing her acts (whenever I could focus on her within the crowd!)

Can you balance a peacock feather on your nose?

The "buddy walker" with her best friend. (Who isn't normally that pale and blurry, but I didn't get permission to post her picture yet!)

Cheater Frisbees: they have an indentation on the bottom that helps keep the stick centered. But very impressive, none the less!

Leap frogging down the tumbling mat. Horrible shot, I know, but it cracked me up, so you get to see it!

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