Monday, May 05, 2008

My Handy Man

The soil in our yard is not the best. We live on a rocky hillside and many, many years ago, my grandfather planted bamboo to hide our house from the street. Did you know that if you plant the wrong kind of bamboo, it spreads? Everywhere? And it's nearly impossible to kill off? You have to use a pickax if you want to dig a garden in our yard and even then, nothing really grows. Emma tried to grow radishes last year and they failed miserably. Radishes. One of the easiest things to grow. Not here.

So this year, I asked Jason to build us some planter boxes. And so he did! I love having a husband that enjoys wood working! The basement looks a bit messy you say? Nah. It's just in the middle of being rearranged for the fifth or sixth time since we moved in. And there are a few projects that were set aside in order to make my boxes. It's all about me and my needs, you know. ;) So here they are! There's another, larger one that hasn't made its way outside yet. Now, we just need to fill them. Emma wants sweet peas and tomatoes. Jason wants radishes and cucumbers. George wants to dig. I think I'll have my hands full this summer!


Bethy said...

OOOH, I love those boxes!! I want some just like that!! Too bad we can't do a husband-combo package. Mine can fix any computer problem and upgrade all your ram-thing-a-bobs to maximum power. And I love that he does all the configuring while I get to do all the playing but, gees, I'd like some wood boxes too!!

Wanna switch for a day?? LOL

Pam said...

They look great Meg!
Now that he's done, can you send him over to make me some?! :)