Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prepping for Mother's Day

Yesterday we spent most of the day out and about. A long drive up the freeway to IKEA, where the kids played in the Smaland for an hour. George did amazingly better than expected, had lots of fun playing. An hour seems to be his limit, though, by the end he was wandering around saying "Mommy, I want Mommy!" in the most pitiful voice ever. Still! An hour! In a place he's never been, with people he didn't know, in a fairly overwhelmingly stimulation-filled room. Altogether good in my book.

And Emma did fabulous on the drive (about an hour and a half each way). George loves drives, it's a treat for him. But Emma gets bored and restless. She did great yesterday and there were NO disputes to break up and NO whining!! WOW! I think I've already gotten my Mother's Day present!

But a long day filled with unusual events and places, combined with lots of sitting in car seats, led to skirmishes and tantrums in the evening. So today, we have no plans. It's 1:30 and Emma is still in her nightgown. We have art supplies strewn across the table, as you can see, with several cards and pictures being created. They both just discovered my hole punches, so I'm sure vacuuming is in my future. Luckily, George still thinks that's fun!

Later, we'll make a trip to the store for milk (and possibly some treats) and one to the library to restock our bookshelf and video choices. A nice, lazy day. Nothing better.

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loonyhiker said...

You sound like such an awesome patient mom! I know your kids are so lucky to have you. (By the way, I will be writing a blog post for teachers this coming week concerning your post about your school meeting. It was wonderful!)