Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why it's always good to hand over the camera

Little Man had a school fund raising event this morning. He didn't have the best time and we ended up leaving early, but my mom managed to get a couple of pictures of us before we left. Thanks, Mom!!
I have to say, it was pretty cute watching 50 or more little preschoolers chasing the U of O mascot as he skipped across the baseball diamond. George was very intrigued, but not enough to get too close! By the time the mascot showed up, we were well past George's stress limit anyhow, and the tantrums were insane. I'm exhausted this afternoon. It's so hard to remember that one unsuccessful event doesn't mean he's regressing. It just was a combination of more sensory input than he could handle, him waking up with a cold, and an event waaaaaaaay out of his ordinary school-day routine. I think I'm ready for summer and new routines!!
See that pathetic hair cut my boy is sporting? We're partway through a multi-stage haircut. He's only willing to sit for so long while I cut it, and this time I had the added obstacle of him wanting to help. His version of helping consists of grabbing at the clippers while I'm trying to use them. Thus, a few bald-ish patches and uneven sides. Hopefully I'll be able to clean it up tomorrow. Otherwise, the next pictures you see will include a boy with a buzz cut!


Beth Nixon said...

I needed to read this today as I just dealt with a little boy who just couldn't remember the rules. Tantrums and crying. And that was just me!

I needed to be reminded that it wasn't him taking a giant leap backwards. It was just one day in a series of days that have seen him moving forward.

Thanks Meg. Always what I need to read right when I need it. Now off to open that bottle of wine.

Dave said...

I think I'd be put off by a six foot tall duck, too.