Friday, May 30, 2008

So, what are YOU up to?

What? You don't hang out on top of a Jeep on a sunny day? Where else could you possibly relax and blind everyone with your winter-white skin?

And no, I did not mean to dress them alike. But, since they were wearing practically the same outfit, do you think it would have killed them to look and smile at the camera at the same time?

Apparently so.

Emma is counting down to the last day of school, and doing a lot of talking about how she's ready for second grade. We'll see how that evolves over the summer. By August we're usually having daily conversations about the next grade being so much harder, her not knowing anybody, and it won't be any FUN!!! Typical stuff, and the open house day always resolves each and every one of those fears. I wish we could do open house before the end of this school year!

Yesterday I told George's preschool teacher that he won't be attending his last day of school next week. I really didn't think I could get through the "graduation" to Kindergarten for the other kids without crying. (Considering I couldn't get through that conversation with her without crying, I think I made a good call on that one!) It's one thing to intellectually make the decision to keep him back a year, to sign the papers and meet the new teachers, and set goals for making it a valuable year. But it's something else entirely to watch the other kids move on without him.

Sorry, didn't mean to get maudlin there. The sun is shining, the kids are (almost) healthy, and Jason's bringing home pizza. Life is good. I'm going to go sit in the sun on top of a Jeep!


Beth Nixon said...

I went through the same emotions last year with Liam. Exactly the same. We still see some of those friends that moved up and, man, is it hard.

But it truly was the right decision for him. I can see the confidence and abilities being so much higher then they were last year. And doing it now . . . he will always feel like he's right where he's supposed to be instead of holding him back when he was in second or third grade.

It's a tough decision. Just hang touch!

Karen Bowers said...

Scott and Jeremy both did an extra year of nursery school. Scott academically could be doing harder work, but socially and emotionally he's right where he should be. Giving extra time to grow up is a good decision.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling, we may be making that decision with our Liam - he is only 2 (a few months from 3), but still no real words. However, starting next year our state is changing the cut off so Liam will now be going to school in three (not two) years. So maybe that will be enough extra time.
You are making a very good decision now (IMHO) - he would feel it a lot more if he was held back later.
Chin up, hugs and a good choice in not going to graduation - for both of you!