Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Allergies, who knew?!

Yesterday's doctor visit had surprising results. Instead of bronchitis or just a bad cold with a side of pink eye, George has seasonal allergies. Last week it looked like it was snowing all over town as the cottonwood trees did their annual shedding, so that may have started him off; or just simply the abundance of pollen flying about this time of year. Either way, the slightly runny nose was actually causing the cough as his throat was being irritated constantly by drainage. (Ewww, sorry about that visual.)

The pink eye was a side effect that has already gone away with the help of ointment, YAY! Not so great is the fact that now I have to get George to take medicine. Not an easy task for someone with George's heightened taste senses. Most medicines these days helpfully come in kid-friendly flavors. Unfortunately, those kid-friendly flavors are so sugary sweet that he can taste the medicine no matter what I try to hide it in. Case in point, I put the grape flavored liquid into his favorite grape juice. Nope, he smelled it, took one sip, and wouldn't go near the cup.

(Getting him to swallow the medicine by itself is quite literally impossible. He has super hero strength and it takes two of us to hold him down, then he locks his jaw and refuses to swallow. I always end up doing the laundry and sticking him in the shower after an attempt. Not worth the mess or stress.) So, I purchased some adult tablets that I cut up and ground down to powder I could hide in yogurt. He ate it!! I'll be asking the doctor for a prescription for adult antihistamine if it seems to be working.

No school for him today, but he'll be able to go tomorrow morning, so I can get a few last errands done (i.e. teacher gifts, eek!!) That is, if we all get to sleep past 3 am tonight.

What to do with a tired kid with newly diagnosed seasonal allergies? Take him outside and play in the grass of course!
And this picture, just 'cause she's cute!

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