Friday, June 13, 2008

A Perfect Day for a "Hicnic"

This morning started with Emma running a fever and upchucking the last three days' worth of food, so I didn't have very high hopes. But she recovered and we have since had a wonderful day. She and I ran some errands and enjoyed some rare Mommy-daughter time. She tends to get stuck behind the needs and schedule of her brother, and when we do get to be alone, I'm usually distracted and thinking ahead to the next project for him. Getting out with no agenda or schedule was amazing. I rediscovered the bright, sweet, smart little girl I am blessed with.

Then we came home to an unexpected and delightful bar-b-que and picnic. My brother seems to think all days in Oregon are dark and dreary (and granted, lately they've been leaning further that direction than I like), but the following pictures should prove that we do get our fair share of sunshine, too.
Jason is spending much of the day working on his Jeep. Radio blaring, beer in hand, tools strewn everywhere. A perfect day.Armory and I spent some time reading and scratching and watching children play.

Play-doh, sprinklers, and swings are on the schedule for the rest of the afternoon. THEN, Jason and I head out to the movies! *falling over in disbelief* With FRIENDS! I know, I know, the planets must be aligning or something. There's no other explanation for so much good in one day.

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Stephani said...

What a fun fun day! I hope you enjoyed your movie night!!