Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good Goopy Grief

Two days left of preschool, George wakes up with Pink Eye.

Bad news: Mommy just lost her last days of no-kid time and gained a cranky kid.

Good news: A doctor's appointment in an hour where we can get some antibiotics that will hopefully help not only his eyes, but also the cough that's keeping us all up at night.

Poor little dude, all he wants is a heated blanket, some muffins & juice, and Thomas. Oh, and Mommy. Coming, buddy!


Dave said...

Major bummer. I hope the medicine works quickly (it's been a while since we faced a case of this).

There too many days that can't be improved by a heated blanket, muffins and juice, though.

Dave said...

There aren't too many ...


scrapgeek said...

Aww - poor thing.

Stephani said...

What a sweet photo. You are such a good Mom. I hope he feels better soon.