Friday, May 19, 2006

Example Project for DSU 198

I decided to do an example project in order to give you a visual understanding of the process we will be learning in the class. Enjoy!

In DSU 198, we will be exploring our homes to find creative inspiration in our decorating and style choices. We will take those inspirations and use them as the foundation for scrapbook pages. Through the homework assignments and chat sessions, I will help you make that transition from everyday items to fun layouts for your family. This is a short example of the process we will go through in creating those layouts.

The goal is to find inspiration in new places, so I went looking for a random object to use as my muse! And this is what I found: This is my daughter’s Bugga-Bugga, a craft project she did for Valentine’s Day. I love how cute it is, the shape, and my daughter’s silly attachment to it. Perfect inspiration!

I started by examining it’s shape and colors. The large circle with those squiggly antennae, along with the silly face and bow, are really very strong graphic elements. The adorable pink is perfect for a little girl and I knew I’d create a layout for my daughter with this. So I went looking for a kit and picture.

The framing element in Stacey Stehley’s Retro Pinks page kit isn’t a circle, but it offsets the strong circles in the background. I chose an old picture of my daughter that I had never known what to do with, and it fit perfectly with the silly mood that her Bugga-Bugga had inspired in me. I added the slightly wavy stitched ribbons and buttons to complete the inspiration shape.

Now that we have the basic shapes and mood, we just need to add the finishing touches.

I put the journaling on a tilted paper to maintain the casual, fun feeling; tucking it behind one of the ribbons to both “attach” it and give them purpose. The retro star element was placed on the frame in imitation of the Bugga-Bugga’s hair bow. The darker paper with a dividing ribbon ground the layout just as the dark table does in the original picture. Finally, I titled the picture and my page in a way that both references the inspiration piece and my own little Bugga-Bugga girl.

(To see the full version of this layout, click here: My Bugga Bugga)

Obviously, this is just a quick example of a silly item in my home. The class will delve much deeper into personal style choices, the way they influence how others view us, and how to use those sometimes unconscious choices in a new, fun, creative way! I hope you join us!

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