Thursday, May 18, 2006

Favorite Words

Seems like a strange idea, right? To have favorite words? I thought so too, but I do have them.

The first one is an obvious choice: Mommy. It's what I wanted to be and what I have become. And nothing is as precious as hearing a child say it for the first time.

The second is dundant. What the heck is dundant, you ask? It is a reminder to me to relax and have fun. It is a word that Jason and I made up. We figure if redundant means "superfluous or repetitive", dundant ought to mean "the first of its kind or only one needed". See, you've never thought of that before, have you? You just had a dundant moment!

The third is fabulous. I don't use this word very often, but I've always loved how it sounds. That was Fabulous! Sing it loud! Doesn't it just make you smile?

The forth is home. This word has a lot of connotations for me. There is the literal house I live in. The feeling of belonging. A place that pulls me from across the country. My family that surrounds me. The place I, my husband, and my children return to each day and feel safe.

And the fifth? It is Wensday. Look at it carefully. Say it out loud. Yes, I spelled it the way I intended to. This word is a reminder to me of the importance of education. Because I live in an area where it doesn't seem to be that important. The following picture is one I created, but only because I didn't have my camera with me to capture the one I really passed today on the road.

It makes me sad that most people probably didn't give this sign a second glance. I did. And I'm keeping that word!


glynis said...

I'm going to start using 'dundant'--what a great word!! Great post and thanks for the prompt!

Anonymous said...

"Jane is a fine example of someone who is dundant!" Yes, I think I like the sound of that :o)

ArtcMom said...

Funny...Wednesday is one of those words that I remember where I was when the teacher asked someone to spell it. And the whole class had to say it "Wed-nes-day"...great post!

Kristen said...

Dundant! Great word. One of my friends in college used to do this - take the "un" or "re" off of words to get the opposite. And I sympathize with you about "Wensday". It makes me think of all the misplaced apostrophes on signs all over. I have a friend who's so outraged by them that she carries white-out so she can correct them!

Karen said...

And a fabulous post it is Meg.
I share your concerns over education. And the whole 'texting' generation is creating (or is that cr8ting?)it's own educational issues.
A few years ago there was a large sign on the window of a local bank advertising their 'intrest' rates. The sign was there for two years and I mentioned it to a cashier. She told me that no one (staff or custiomers) had noticed it before.

Zephanee said...

Wonderful entry. I, too, remember where I was when I learned how to correctly spell Wednesday. It's just one of those words that, if you see it misspelled, automatically sends off alarms in your head. I used to be a teacher before I became a SAHM and I jokingly say that I carry a mental red pen with me wherever I go. I'm not perfect with spelling, by any stretch of the imagination...which is why I wish I had a nickel for every time I visited :P