Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Princess & Optimistic Parenting

Emma is stubborn sometimes. I know, I know! Shocking when you consider her parents! (That's enough, Mom.) For months we've been making her practice pumping her legs while swinging. She knows how. And yet won't. We've told her that when she gets to Kindergarden, the teachers won't do it for her. Still nothing. Today I figured out why. My daughter is a cute, little princess. And all the boys at school take turns pushing her on the swing. We are in so much trouble when she gets older.

"What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise." - Oscar Wilde

I know that Jason and I worry a lot about George and we fuss about his lack of speaking and other slowly developing skills, but really I am lucky in some ways. I still have a baby. He still depends on me in ways a "normal" 2 1/2 year old might not. He may scream and flail at times, but we don't argue and I don't have to explain every action. He still cuddles and wants to be carried. He comes to me, takes my hand, and walks me to the things he wants or places he wants to go. And while I don't love changing diapers, we have some great silly moments during those times. He still holds his hands out to me when they're dirty, assuming that I will clean them. He still comes to me for food, drink, fun, and hugs; instead of running off with a pack of toddlers bent on mischief.

So yes, he wears me out. But he and I have developed some pretty great routines and habits that are uniquely ours. And today? He brought me his juice cup, set it on the counter, and while making the sign for "more", he said "juice". His first sentence. He'll get there.


Anonymous said...

Hey meg, what a great entry...I feel for you when Em grows up if she's got the boys eating out of her hands at this age. Eek! I sort of envy you and George. I miss those times when my girls were babies at times they don't really want Mommy around. It seems so odd to me that lex, even at 5, has moments like that. But I'm thankful and grateful for the times they allow me to really get down and Mother them.

Go George!

glynis said...

Very precious post today, Meg, for both Emma and George. I try to remind myself that they are only little for a short time--just enjoy it, even if it's killing you! LOL

loonyhiker said...

Glad you focus on the strengths of your relationship with George instead of pushing him where he is not ready to go. My nephew was very slow to speak and many just thought he was spoiled. Even to this day, if he doesn't have something to say, he would rather not say anything (he is 30 years old). He has a college degree and a good job and he is happy. He loves to read and watch movies and play on the computer. He tends to be a loner but has some friends, yet friends aren't a necessity for him. He still tends to "march to the beat of a different drummer" but we love him anyway!

Ajith said...

Hi I am Ajith from India
I found you blog after replying to google groups. Yours is a wounderful blog actually I d appreciate your talent.


Stacey said...

Wonderful entry Meg. Emma does sound she is going tobe a handful some day.

Rusheika said...

Thank you for reminding me to cherish each moment and experience with my children... and to be patient with them.

heather said...

I loved those moments you described between you and your son. Beautiful :)

Laura Lou said...

What an amazing post. I was just telling my daughter not to push the baby, Abby. The 3-year-old is quite possible advanced and grew up way too early. Abby is her second chance and this time she can relax and enjoy it. If Abby isn't as quick as her sister, I hope they have the same attitude you have. It is wonderful.

Karen said...

oh meg, his first sentence! i'm feeling all misty thinking for you all! that's wonderful!

SH85 said...

Oh, this reminds me so of my middle son. He had two words in his vocabulary the day he turned 2 -- hi and no. That was it. He got awfully frustrated at times because we didn't understand, but he was so thrilled when we did that his entire body lit up from head to toe. We didn't know about using sign language back then - more than ten years ago. If we had, he would have had more words by 2 1/2, and maybe even sentences. We counted words forever and his early phrases are now part of family lore. And he said Mama before Daddy. We too had and still have a close bond. He is my sweet, sweet Joshua. His sister says he is so sweet he will give us all cavities. We say she is sweet like saccherine. She says that she is more like Splenda - fake but totally natural. ;-)

My fave Josh phrases include:
I WANT MY ETHAN! which was screamed as we left his brother at preschool
Emmy pick up a duck, which was his way of telling us that his little sister had just picked up a dead bluejay. (That may have been his first five word sentence.)
Godzilla break building, which was said while we were watching the news after the Oaklahoma City bombing. (I am such a mom - world and national events are forever connected to the things my children have said or have done.)

Anyway, Josh is nearly 14 now. Like many kids who didn't speak "on time" he is fairly quiet. He wo't talk if he has nothing to say. But he does talk and he is brilliant and he is amazing. (I am not biased.) He has friends, and he loves doing things with others, unless he'd rather be off by himself. I think he is happy most of the time, and he may even grow up and move out someday. I dont' project that far however. It means I have to think about getting older, and the gray hairs that are showing through my last dye job are reminder enough.

You have a great outlook and approach to your children. You are wise beyond wise.