Sunday, May 21, 2006

To vacation or not to vacation?

Jason's leaving on a vacation this week. He's going to spend a couple weeks with his brother. They aren't going to do much. Play Playstation for hours on end, work on songs (his brother is a musician), go out for pizza, just hang out. Oh, did I mention that his brother (and wife & new baby) live in Denmark? Must have forgotten that part. Sigh. Jealousy is an ugly thing, I know. Jason's been so good about not talking about it much, because he knows I would love to go too. But we've got these things called kids. They make international travel difficult. So, we'll just hang out here, waiting for his emails full of pictures of their new cousin, eating junk food and watching the Wiggles. Guilt trip anyone?

I am REALLY torn about my vacation plans this year. (And when I say "my" I mean me and my kids, I don't get to go gallivanting around the globe kid free. Oh, whoops, there goes that jealousy thing again. Sorry 'bout that!) I want to go home to Oregon again this year and just relax with family and friends in the nice not-too-hot Pacific NW summer. But with kindergarten orientation and a couple of other impediments, we would only have about three weeks. And air travel with George is not easy, so is it worth the hassle for only three weeks?

Plus, I'm trying to do the responsible adult thing and save money. We'll be moving somewhere in the Oregon/Washington area next year. So we have moving and travel costs to save for. And we'll need to recarpet the house before we can sell it. (Don't blame us, it should have been recarpeted before we bought it, but with little kids that spill lots of juice, we decided not to worry about the wrinkles and wear.) And I would love to make a road trip or two this summer to visit some friends on this side of the country before we move away. Grrrr. This list is longer than the pro-vacation list. But that list pulls at me more.

What to do? I'll keep you posted.


glynis said...

If it's any consolation, I hear the weather has been hot out in the NW--but that's no consolation for not getting to go to Denmark!

Zephanee said...

Well, it's been raining a lot lately in maybe that means the weather in Denmark hasn't been so great either. But I would be jealous too if my husband got to go somewhere and I had to stay back. All I can say is that there would have to be lots of backrubs in my future. Oh, and I totally understand about carpets and kids. When we lived in NC, we had beige carpet thoughout the house, our son was two, and I loved Cheerwine (a red soft drink). Enough said.

loonyhiker said...

Poor baby! I know you are torn between wanting him to go and have fun and wanting him to hate it the whole time because you aren't with him! Will you have anyone help you with the kids at least one day a week while he is gone? Don't forget to find time for just you. As for finances, try to not to worry about them too much but give your kids all the experiences you can while they are young if you have the money. We never had much money either but was afraid we would regret not doing things with them we wanted to do. We were afraid something would happen to one of us and the regrets would be forever so we just did them (as long as we had the money of course). 30 years later, we have no regrets and glad we had to make some sacrifices and choices back then. We didn't have a lot of fancy stuff because we chose to travel but they had food and shelter so we were all happy! Hope you do okay while Jason is gone. Remember, we are all here to support you if you need it!

Bethy said...

You know what I say . . . come meet up with me.

And yes, I mean it.
Let's do it.
I want to meet your kids and I drink margaritas with you. It would make my summer complete!

Anonymous said...

Well you've got a great offer from Bethy there - you ought to try and do that! You'd have great fun :o) My travel impediments are wheelchairs and inaccessibility - oh, and the general problem of being in chronic pain all the time! But I so understand where you're at: it's not kids for me, but the jealousy thing still rears its head! Having said that - I'm doaing up on the pills for a birthday weekend in Wales for DH from Friday... Oops, guess you didn't want to know that!