Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm Siiiiiiiinging in the Rain! **Updated**

Rain makes me so sleepy sometimes! So, I listen to music while I work on the computer to help focus. Anyone else do that? Seems to be a distinct line between the listeners and the silence-needers.

Since I get tired of listening to the same artist over and over via CDs, but the radio stations never seem to play what I like, I've started using a cool computer tool for music. It's called Pandora, you'll find my stations list over on the right under the scrapbook slideshow. (I deleted Jason's stations to protect your ears.) You can go to, put in your favorite artist, song, or musical style and it will create and play a music list for you. If it plays anything you don't like, you tell it so and it adjusts the list to remove that song and anything like it. Conversely, if it plays something you love, you tell it so and again, it adjusts accordingly. Very cool! We have found all sorts of new music this way.

So, if you're looking for some new music or want to listen to some of my favorites, click on the blue box on the right and go explore! If you're a silence-needer when you're on the computer, well, I guess go to my previous blog entry and laugh at the comic instead!

**Update!** Jason just pointed out that I left one of his stations on there. Whoops! Social Distortion is not one of my favorites, although I admit that its one of the tamer bands he listens to. And, there are a few mix tapes in my drawer (remember those?) with some Social D songs on there (made by Jason back in the day) that I love. But really, the other stations are more my taste....choose carefully!


Bethy said...

Ok, I've never heard of pandora.
I may have to re-write my blog.
I LOVE it.
I can't wait until I have a few minutes to play with it!

glynis said...

I'm trying out Pandora as well. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll end up being a music-listener again!

heather said...

I'm going to check out Pandora too. You are so full of great ideas!!!

Karen said...

Considering I'm one of the silence-needers I was surprised how much I had to write on this topic.
I try to be a music-listener but I keep on forgetting!!

Kristen said...

Oh, Pandora is great! I just registered. I'm one who needs to have music playing - this is going to be fun!

Dave said...

I cannot believe I haven't heard about Pandora before. What is the world coming to when I pick up tech info from you?? ;-)

BTW, I finally have some Disney World pictures up for you.

Karen said...

meg, i've been listening to pandora since last night! started with your stuff and now i'm doing my own stuff! this is cool!