Monday, May 22, 2006

Sniff, sniff

No, I'm not still moping! Well, I am but that's not what the sniffing is about. Kristen led the blog prompt gang today and had the great suggestion of remembering smells from our childhood or others that have a strong emotional pull. Excellent idea!

My great aunt's perfume. I have no idea what it was, but it's one of my earliest smell-memories and I can just feel her wrap her arms around me thinking about it.

Wet pine needles and a closed up musty smell. My grandparents' cabin in the woods on a lake. Some of my best memories are there, and even though we don't have access to the cabin anymore, just driving those roads sends me reeling back in time.

Freshly cut grass, warm in the sun. Still love that one.

Hot lights. Instantly I'm backstage in the make-up room of my high school theatre.

Hot dry dirt. Strange, isn't it? That one puts me on a working ranch where I attended summer camp.

Man, I thought this list would be hard to do, but I think I could go on forever! My favorite smell now is absolutely, 100% Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Shampoo wafting from superfine hair on the head of a little, damp baby. Okay, toddler. Okay, little kid who still uses baby shampoo because he cries bloody murder when I dare to try to clean his head! Love that smell the most.

Off the subject: George said "thank you" today! Well, he said "an ou", but I knew what he meant, he said it several times in the correct context, and I'll take what I can get!
Completely off the subject: Is it sad that one of the highlights of my day involves new and improved shopping carts at Target?


Zephanee said...

Haha, I can totally relate to the screaming kid getting his hair washed. The neighbors think I'm killing mine every day when he takes his bath. He just doesn't like water on his head.

Loved your smells you described. Oh, and it's not strange that the highlight of you day was the new Target carts. I remember being thrilled to find brake flaps on the shopping carts at the grocery store. They came at the right moment when I had just given birth to my son. No more putting my foot behind the back wheel to keep the cart from rolling while I put the groceries into the trunk.

heather said...

You mean you have new and improved shopping trolleys over there!!! and brakes???????? I am definitely living in the wrong country :) I only wash my youngest's hair occasionally, he hates it, but doesn't mind 'swimming' in the bath with his swimming goggles on, so I figure his hair is getting cleaned! Oh, great list of smells too!

faery-wings said...

Great memories.I had forgotten in my blog about fresh cut grass. If there was only I way I could smell it now without sneezing.

Yay for George!

and I KWYM- I was in Target with a friend and we were talking about how much we love the Mr Clean Magic Eraser! Gone are the days when we had soemthing really exciting to talk about *rotfl*

glynis said...

I can smell it all! Great post--and yes, it's a little sad that Target's carts are a highlight of the day :) but when you're a mom, you take what you can get!! LOL

Stacey said...

They have new carts at Target? I hope Wal Mart gets some soon. I could do with wheels that don't wobble, never mind breaks. we don't have a Target near us. I love the smells you mentioned.

Dave said...

Ah, yes, mildew. In most contexts, it's annoying, but put it together with the sound of wind whispering through high pines and magnolias, and it's happy-place central. I couldn't agree more.

ArtcMom said...

LOL! Gotta love anything at Target...especially carts that make your shopping experience any easier! LOL that was too funny!