Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What I SHOULD be doing

  • sweep/mop the kitchen and especially the *ugh* bathrooms
  • vacuum
  • finish gathering old clothes for Goodwill and TAKE THEM THERE (for some reason, bags of clothes and two old vacuums have been migrating between the garage and van for weeks)
  • put Emma's school artwork into her art binder
  • file tax paperwork that I don't need to deal with anymore (since, you know, tax season is over)
  • clean off my computer desk
  • BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA....sorry that last one cracked me up...whew!
  • put away Emma's hanging clothes
  • play outside with George
  • plant the rest of my flowers before they die a sad death in their store containers
  • take a nap
  • clean out the refrigerator

Oh goodness, now I'm just getting crazy! I better stop before I think of anything else as ridiculous as that one!


Judyy said...

Clean out the refrigerator--please! I don't know about yours, but I think there are possible bacterial cures for several diseases growing in mine!

Those napping and playing-outside things sound like they have potential though--either hit the couch or hit the backyard! (Decisions, decisions.)

Stacey said...

Hey, you just reminded me I have some plants sitting in their store containers too. Maybe you could combine a couple things & have George help you plant them

Anonymous said...

well now....I think the number one thing to do would be play with George !!! but that's just how this granny thinks... the rest of those tasks will still be there tomorrow... Hey Megan ! Sue and Butch here (well just me really as he's still sleeping so he can go to work tonight).

I finally figured out this cyber stuff and decided to leave you a post. You brighten my day ! Big hugs to you all !

Bethy said...

Clean your fridge?? Are you suppossed to do that?? Hmm, must find my owner's manual . . .

heather said...

The refrigerator one cracked me up too, cause I've got dirty refrigerator blindness and never notice how disgusting it's getting until it's too late. Way too late.
Great post!

loonyhiker said...

I laffed about the flowers. I bought hanging baskets 2 weeks ago and then on Saturday I bought a flat of petunias to plant in the baskets. The empty baskets still sit on my porch but I watered the flowers yesterday afternoon (but they are still in their store containers!). I hope to get to them soon.