Monday, June 12, 2006


Specifically mine. With the exception of my drug addict-like reaction to an unread book in the house, all my current addictions are computer related. I have found a way to finally feel like an artist, and I am reveling in that freedom and fun.

My brother wrote a blog entry a while back about our family's early entry into the computer world. We grew up in Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the computer. Our father studied computers in college before they really existed. We had at least one home computer as soon as they were available, and one specifically for "the kids" by the time I was in Jr. High. We went to the same high school that the founders of Apple Computers had, so our school district was well equipped very early on.

The internet system started emerging by the time I was in college (at least that's when I became aware of it). I remember "chatting" over the Gopher system that connected universities. It was such a thrill to feel that connection!

Now, of course, some of my best friends are ones that I have never truly met. (Not yet!) I log on as I walk through the house turning on lights, getting coffee started, and well before I can really be considered awake. There are several digital scrapbooking sites, blogs, and other art related sites that I visit daily; and I frankly think that I would go into convulsions if I couldn't.

It is so amazing how the world is changing and shrinking. Of course, it makes vacation plans a lot harder to make. I want to go visit my friends all over America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa! Where to go first?
Oh, and the mouse count is up to ten!


Stacey said...

When my internet connection is down it is like a part of me is missing. DH doesn't get it really, he thinks I am being overly dramatic, but a lack of internet is keeping me from my FRIENDS.

Cool that your high schoolw as so well equipped with computers. I know mine was late to get them.

Karen said...

Hope you make it over to Australia Meg. And congratulations to the Intrepid Hunter. For my money, the only good mouse is a dead mouse.

heather said...

I thought you meant you had 10 computer mice there for a minute! I thought wow - you must have 10 computers !! LOL

loonyhiker said...

I turn on my computer before I even turn the lights on! I have to do my "have-to"s before I get on the computer because time stops when I'm on it and nothing gets done. One day dinner even burned because I was scrapbooking!

Tiffers said...

I know exactly what you mean about your best friends being the ones you haven't met yet! Isn't it funny how close you can be to someone you have never laid eyes on???

faery-wings said...

I thought what Heather thought, Had to go back and read more about the mice LOL

I feel the same about my computer freinds too.

glynis said...

I agree with all of it, Meg! I'd love to visit every one of my friends and the bonus would be that I'd go just about all over the world! It's absolutely amazing when you stop and think about it.