Monday, June 26, 2006

The Name Game

This one is from Lani, otherwise known as Jovi Girl!The Story behind the name: Tell us about the reasons you gave your child the name you did. Or it could be a pet or the story behind your own name or a friends name.

Emma was named years ago, over a decade ago actually. I have always loved that name and every Emma I had ever met was such a sincere, friendly, happy person. I loved the old fashioned feel of it and it just felt right. There was never any debate as to what our first baby's name would be, once we knew it was a girl.

George we debated a bit more. It is a family name on Jason's side, but honestly, that wasn't why we originally thought of it. We have a very feminine last name and wanted our boy to have a solid boy name that wouldn't be shortened into something that sounded silly with it. (The fact that we often call him Georgie will be ignored for the moment). Jason's name choosing system was that it needed to be one that sounded right when paired with "King" or "Sir". Sounds strange, I admit, but it really helped us rule out some choices! King Matthew just didn't have the same royal feel as King George!

But before both of those critters, there was Gracie. And she named herself. You see, I wasn't quite as in love with her as Jason was when he brought her home from the pound days after our wedding. It took us a day or two to name her, as my contributions to the choices were, shall we say, less than kind. In my defense, she was UGLY when we first got her. Dirty, it was obvious she had recently had a litter, hyper, you name it. But she loved to play. And one of our first fetch sessions inside our tiny apartment led to her name. When she plays, she is so focused on the toy, she sees nothing else. Including walls. She jumped, or fell, off of our couch (that she proceeded to EAT the following weekend...another story for another post), spun towards the hallway to follow a ball, and ran face first into a wall. It didn't faze her though, she reoriented herself immediately and ran down the hall. Her full name is Amazing Grace. We call her Gracie.


Bethy said...

oh, sweet Gracie! What a cute name!

Love that Sir story - that's great!

glynis said...

Love all your names! They all have an old, European, classic ring to them...beautiful!

heather said...

The name Emma seems feminine and sensible to me, just hearing it and King George is a good strong name, even without the King bit. I can understand using Georgie, I turn everything into two syllables myself.

Lani said...

LOL - Gracie sounds so cute! Great story. I love the name Emma as well.....i used to know a girl years and years called Emma and she was the sweetest person ive ever met.

Judyy said...

I love the classic-sounding names, too--and all three of your "kids" have them. LOL!

Bonnie said...

I forgot to say on my blog that is also why I chose emma for my daughter, cos it has an old fashioned feel to it.!