Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Blogging

ArtCMom's Prompt: If your house caught on fire or were in a flood, hurricane, etc....besides your family- what 1 or 2 items would you try to save and why?

I would like to say that I would be wonderfully organized and would grab my CDs of pictures, my purse, the Important Papers file, clothes, car keys, shoes, my entire computer, my husbands uniforms, my make-up (don't want to scare the neighbors, you know), etc. But truthfully, if anything catastrophic does ever happen, I don't really care if my pj's are a bit too revealing and I lose every picture I've ever taken. Okay, that will break my heart for a while, but life does go on, and this last year or so is VERY well documented on the web!

My husband, our kids, our dog, and the kids' special blankets. That's all we need.

Man, it twists my stomach to even think of this happening. I feel so sorry for anyone to whom this has been a reality. The fear is unimaginable. But thinking about it does bring home exactly how much STUFF we have. And how completely unnecessary most of it is.


Speaking of stuff, I want to thank Jason and Mom for their birthday gifts. When I told some of my friends what I had received, I had to laugh. Because, you see, Jason got me a really cool, stylish, comfortable, WIDE computer chair. And Mom sent me gift cards for a couple of stores. So, obviously, I'll be able to sit here and chat with you all that much more and let the lower half of me sssssssppppppprrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddd.

And then I can go shopping for new clothes to accommodate the new girth! Yipee!!


Karen said...

And obviously Jason is engcouraging you to spread by buying you that chair, so it would be wrong to disappoint him?

Tink said...

Happy Birthday. And couldn't agree more with what to save.

loonyhiker said...

Happy Birthday! I loved your gifts! I think gift cards are the greatest "inventions" because I love that people thought about me and I get to pick what I want!

Deanna said...

good picks Meg..we had a house fire in 2003...Dh ran back in and threw out the box of photos, and our wedding albumn...I had been scrapping so I had allthe photos in one giant box...sheesh..scrappin saved my photos! LOL!