Thursday, June 08, 2006

Score Card

Just a quick update:

My van was run through the dishwasher today. We're now in the middle of a HUGE thunderstorm.

Both front and back lawns have been mowed. Front one needs it again already.

Daddy has taken Emma out of the house during naptime twice now. I keep forgetting to take advantage of that time and sleep.

Oh, and the mouse situation? As of five minutes ago, it's mice - 0, Jason - 6. Yay!
(EDIT as of Friday morning: mice - 0, Jason - 7)


Stacey said...

your van was in the dishwasher? That is a big dishwasher! :)

Laura Lou said...

It wasn't until I read your blog that I remembered that MY SUV needed a wash...boy does it ever! As for the mice, I need to borrow The Great Mouse Hunter. As of now, it is Mice-2, Me-1 and at that I took the little deermouse out in the field and released him. He probably came right back in.

Karen said...

Go Jason!!!!!